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My Favorite Vegan Brands | #WorldVeganDay

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

November 2020 is a jam packed month. Our clocks have turned back,, spooky season is pretty much over (unless you're like me and keep it going until at least Thanksgiving); and the anxiety inducing holiday season is quickly approaching. Kicking off the month; however, is World Vegan Day! In honor of World Vegan Day, I thought I would share some of my favorite Vegan-friendly brands.

Vegan beauty products are important to me, as I am 100000% against animal cruelty, especially when it comes to fashion and beauty. It is beyond unnecessary to use animals in making makeup and clothes, especially when there are amazing alternatives that don't hurt animals and aren't as carbon footprint heavy. As with everything in life, don't be super hard on yourself for not being perfect when it comes to this subject ( I, sure as hell, am not. I'm constantly working on my own journey too.) Just make choices that you feel good about, one thing at a time! Strive for progress, not perfection. (Cliché, I know. I'm eye rolling with you.)

* means the brand is majority vegan, select products may not be vegan friendly!

Milk Makeup | Skincare & Makeup | $$

Koi Footwear | Footwear | $$

IGK | Hair Care | $$

MELT COSMETICS * | Makeup | $$

Matt & Nat | Fashion | $$$

Sugar Bear Hair | Health/ Lifestyle | $$

Verb * | Hair Care | $$

Comment your favorite vegan brands below!

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