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Esthetician Spotlight | Kelsey McBarron, NYS Licensed Esthetician

October 15, is #NationalEstheticiansDay. Esthetics is one of the most important areas of the beauty industry. Why? Your skin is the largest organ in the human body, and your face is the first thing people see... well, not right now, but you know what I mean. I decided to take the opportunity to celebrate this day and cross promote my dear friend, esthetician, and skin wizard, Kelsey McBarron.

Kelsey is a New York State Licensed Esthetician and is certified with the National Coalition of Estheticians Association, the highest skincare accreditation in the United States. She has been in the industry for just shy of eight years, and has honed in on her skills from her time in spas and corporate skincare practices. Now as a self-employed esthetician, Kelsey provides personalized skincare treatments, makeup services, eyelash services, waxing and more in a professional, private environment that encompasses body, spiritual, and emotional wellness. 

"My philosophy toward skin care is understanding that 'me moments' are important to nurturing oneself, so that we can continue to nurture those that we love. While my treatment approach is clinical, my passion for my clients is also evident. I look forward to beginning a skin care journey with each and every one of my clients," shares Kelsey.

Kelsey and I sat down to chat skin, work-life post- NY on Pause, and moving forward in our "new normal" as Beauty Industry Professionals.

How has business been post-NY on Pause?

Business has been thriving now that facials have reopened. I have been very busy!

What is one thing you’re getting used to in our “new normal” service practices? Getting used to wearing a mask and shield every day during services is definitely different, but we make it work and adjust! What did you do during the down time? During our time off, I regularly studied and took a binder full of notes for everything skincare. I never stop learning and I love anything skincare knowledge! I also studied and sat for my National Certification for Esthetics exam, which I passed, and I am now nationally certified with the NCEA.

What is one thing you’d love everyone to know about skincare? 

Skincare doesn’t have to be expensive. There are so many awesome product lines that are multi-functional and multi faceted. Skincare is universal. What age is the best to start getting into a skincare routine? The best age is when you start getting into your teens. A regular routine will eventually become second nature, and a part of your everyday practice. How often should we be getting a facial?  I tell my clients for maintenance, every six weeks. If you’re looking to work or target a specific issue, then four weeks is ideal. What’s the deal with at-home masks? Do they actually do anything? What’s your favorite one? At home masks can be fun! Sheet masks are really trendy right now. It’s a great way to pamper yourself and give yourself that extra boost of self care. I personally love the ESTHEMAX jellymasks, I do retail them and they’re not only fun to apply but they feel great and leave your skin glowing!   Favorite skincare line or product for: oily skin, dry skin, combo skin, sensitive skin, mature skin?  Favorite skincare line.. hmm, that’s tough because I carry a plethora that I use to cocktail for all skin types. Skin Script has always been a fan favorite and is very effective at treating all skin types and skin conditions. Advice for newbies on finding their perfect Esthetician?  Do your research on how long someone has been licensed and their certifications. Not all estheticians are equal. The biggest thing for me is the client intake form, no matter who or where you go, that form should be filled out and discussed. It’s so important to note someone’s allergies, sensitivities, medications, products and more. This form is the key to consulting with an educated and proper esthetician. What is your favorite service or part of the service? My favorite service is definitely the customized facial treatment. I love the extraction process, clearing out peoples skin is so satisfying and gratifying. 

A client receiving a back facial. Via @theglam.goddess

Why do you love being an Esthetician?  My passion for skincare and beauty has been within me since I was a little girl. I used to pretend to own a spa and offer “spa treatments” in our garage. I would hand out “business cards” “brochures” and even magnets for people to come see me. Fast forward 20 something years later and I absolutely love what I do. I love helping people along their skincare journeys, and reach their skin goals.

What is the best way to book an appointment with you? If you are interested in any of my services please book using our website at or use the vagaro link

Please follow Kelsey, @theglam.goddess on Instagram as well!

Shout out your favorite Esthetician in the comments. You never know, we could spotlight them next.

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