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Small Business Saturday | 2020

Holiday shopping and Black Friday deals seem to have been going on since the end of October. While these steals and hot buys from major chain companies are hard to pass up, you may want to look at supporting local shops and smaller online retailers this year. During this pandemic holiday season, it's more important than ever to support your favorite small businesses. This year has been stressful for everyone, especially small business owners. Below are (#) ways you can support and shop local this holiday season!

#1) Etsy Creators

Just about anything that you could find at a chain retailer, you can find on Etsy from either small boutiques or independent creators. Everything from home goods to clothing, toys, and crafts can be found at your fingertips. Scroll through each category or search specific items in the search tab.

*B O N U S T I P* Purchase custom/handmade holiday cards from an Etsy creator! (You'll obviously be sending out a ton of those this year!

#2) Local Cafes, Bakeries, Restaurants

For this category, there are a few different ways that you can support these businesses.

You can support them by purchasing holiday treats and/or dinners from these establishments (if that is something they offer). Purchase gift cards to your favorite places to gift friends, family, and even clients in your area. This assures they will visit this establishment at least once, post-holiday time- and if they love it like you do, they'll be a repeat customer; meaning this business will have business. Wins all around!

#4) Purchase locally distilled alcohol with a shelf life (wine and spirits) for your holiday parties or to gift

Again, this is a way to plan ahead for your actual holiday celebration (even if it's only with your household or immediate family that was in your quarantine circle). A bottle of wine is a classy and thoughtful gift for clients as well!

#5) Gift Certificates to your favorite service providers!

If you're trying to find a way to support your hairstylist ( hey there), esthetician, massage therapist, barber, tattoo artist, whatever,,, purchase a gift certificate for a service or session with them for a friend or family member that you know has been talking about going to see them, but hasn't made the plunge yet. You will be helping that service provider out immensely, buy making sure they have services booked post holiday season. This ends up working similar to the situation with restaurant gift cards!

#6) Purchase prints from tattoo artists and local artists

Not everyone can afford original artwork, BUT everyone can afford prints, which still contributes to the artist's income. If you have a favorite artist or tattoo artist, definitely reach out and see if they have prints available.

#7) Local Crafter & Creator Co-ops

I'm not positive if these exist everywhere, but you could also consider local craft fairs or online craft fairs to support local crafter, artists, artisans, woodworkers, and more.

Are you planning on shopping small business this year? If you haven't considered it this year, perhaps you should.

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