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How To Stay Sane During The Pandemic

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Not exactly the type of blog-post I wanted to kick off with, but if not now, when?

I'm not hopping on here to bring the mood down or depress anyone, just want to shine some light and perspective on this situation. As much as things are scary right now because of the unknown, we all still need to keep our heads right.

While we're in self-isolation for the time being, we can look at this time as time we've been needing but never could find. Here are a few things to do to keep yourself sane during the Covid-19 Quarantine.


Many authors have made e-books available free of charge during this time, and Amazon has many free or super inexpensive e-books. We all could use a social media break at this point, so why not get immersed in another world?

Take Social Media Breaks

There is too much misinformation online right now, so unplugging for a little bit wouldn't be the worst thing to do. Need to keep your mind busy? Go for a walk, read, go for a drive, do something with your hands.

Yoga/ Meditation

It has been an extremely stressful week, so why not take some time to find your center?

Learn a new skill

This one is for all of my clients that say they can't style their hair a certain way. Now's the time to learn! Teach yourself how to use your curling iron, learn how to whistle, learn sign language... I don't care what you do, but teach yourself how to do something new. It can be something useful or whimsical.

Start a Blog

Most of you express your every thought on Facebook anyway, why not put that energy into a blog. You can get your thoughts out without adding to the noise on your friends' and families' feeds.

Go Outside

While we aren't supposed to be in public spaces, go out in your front yard, go for a walk around the block, sit on your porch- just go be in the sunshine for a minute.


We're all going through so many thoughts and emotions, get it out on paper. Process it, and then start trudging forward.

Start working on a goal or project that you've put off

Start working on that side business you've been thinking about. Write that short story. Hang up those pictures that have been leaned against various walls for the last few months. You've got the time.

I know this is a difficult time, but we're all in it. There is not a whole lot we can do about the situation, but make the best of it. Take care of yourselves, check on your friends and family, and take advantage of Skype and FaceTime for socializing. Take care and stay safe.


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