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Podcast Appreciation Post #InternationalPodcastDay

It seems like there's a hashtag holiday for everything. Today is no different, it is International Podcast Day, so I am here to celebrate by sharing some of my favorite podcasts with you all. I hope you'll check out one or two on your next commute.

LadyGang (Pop Culture , Entertainment & Interviews)

LadyGang was the podcast that got me into listening to podcasts. It features entertainment journalist, Keltie Knight; actress, Becca Tobin, and designer/business babe, Jac Vanek. I actually found out that the podcast was coming into existence from following Jac. I've been a follower/supporter/ sister scene queen of hers since the MySpace days (Jac's self-named clothing line had it's roots in Warped Tour culture) and I always thought she was so interesting. Plus, I was low-key jealous that she got to hang out with some of my favorite bands. Anyway, Jac had made a post on Instagram that she was going to be part of a podcasting trio with Keltie and Becca, where they interview celebrity friends, talk about the good, bad, and ugly of their unconventional lives; and give questionable advice to their listeners. LadyGang is one of those podcasts where you feel like you're just hanging out and chatting it up with friends.

The First Degree (True Crime)

Rolling off of the last suggestion, I give you The First Degree. A true crime podcast staring Jac Vanek; as well as true crime producer, Alexis Linkletter, and true crime journalist and author, Billy Jenson. This podcast is a series of true stories that are listener submitted, where the interviewee is one degree away from the story. They've had stories that were infamous, like Ted Bundy, The Black Dahlia, and BTK; as well as small town stories that you may have never heard of. No matter the popularity of a story, no story is too big or small to share, and even the most known stories have more to them than what we've all heard in the media. The First Degree is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to on my work commute.

Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham (Entertainment & Interviews)

Model, Ashley Graham interviews notable people (celebrities, influencers, pop culture/ cultural figures) who are making noise and are a "pretty big deal" This podcast is entertaining and inspiring.

Gilmore Guys (Entertainment)

As a Gilmore Girls stan, this is hands down one of my favorite podcasts, mainly because I feel like I annoy my friends when I talk about Gilmore Girls. The podcast follows veteran GG fan, Kevin T. Porter and newcomer, Demi Adejuyigbe, as they watch their way through the WB turned CW cult favorite. Each episode they react and critique each episode of the 7 season series. Once they get through Gilmore Girls, they move on to other Sherman-Paladino classics.

What's Underneath with StyleLikeU (Documentary, Interviews)

What's Underneath is the podcast counterpart to the visual YouTube series What's Underneath from StyleLikeU. The series consists of interviews in which interviewees share their personal story and answer questions about coming into their own, finding their personal style, what personal style means to them, and the bigger picture around fashion and personal style. In the video component the interviewees strip down to their underwear, thus reinforcing the idea that style is about more than just the clothes.

Sierra Unfiltered with Sierra Schultzzie (Entertainment & Lifestyle)

Lifestyle and body positivity YouTuber, Sierra Schultz (aka Schultzzie), began a lifestyle-esque podcast with cohost and bestfriend, Skyler Pollitt. This podcast, with its companion YouTube channel, is a more stripped down continuation of her YouTube channels. If you like listening to fun conversations with friends, this is a good one to listen to! I discovered the podcast because I had been following Sierra's channels for about a year prior and already liked her content, but I don't think it's fully necessary to enjoy Sierra Unfiltered.

*The podcast is on a hiatus at the moment, but there are plenty of episodes to enjoy!

Unqualified with Anna Faris (Entertainment & Interviews)

Actress and comedian, Anna Faris, delivers endless laughs through self-deprecating humor and stories while interviewing fellow celebrities, comedians, actors, and entrepreneurs. Meanwhile giving her unqualified advice to listener submitted questions.

If you're noticing a trend with the content that I enjoy, it's definitely that celebrities and idols of mine are a mess just like the rest of us. They just hide it better.

No Jumper (Entertainment & Interviews)

Hosted by Adam 22 and a rotation of cohosts, No Jumper is "the coolest podcast in the world." Primarily, No Jumper is a rap and hip hop culture based podcast, but occasionally they branch out to other alternative industries, like sex work. There is a combination of reaction to news in the hip hop world, interviews with newcomers and OGs of the industry, as well as interviews with other notable public figures. No Jumper has a companion YouTube channel where viewers can watch the video format of the podcast, as well as other content, as No Jumper is becoming a larger network.

Secret Keepers Club with Carly Aquilino (Entertainment)

Secret Keepers Club started out as a pop culture/ life- conversation podcast with actresses/ comedians Carly Aquilino and Emma Willmann. Again, this podcast just feels like chatting with friends, and is my go to long drive podcast!

Have you ever listened to any of these podcasts? Comment a favorite podcast of yours below!



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